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Here's a little more about me.

With 6+ years in the mission-driven agency world, I've partnered with companies to advance causes like civil rights, clean energy, literacy, and safe sex. I’ve honed my design and branding skills and worked on a variety of mediums, but I’m most passionate about bringing brands to life through digital products and experiences.

I'm a traveler, an antiquer, and a salsa dancer. An environmentalist to the core, I'm a huge advocate of the circular economy and living a zero-waste lifestyle. I stay motivated both personally and professionally by pushing my comfort zone and staying curious. Most recently, I traveled solo through South America for 3 months to brush up on my Spanish. I can't say I'm fluent, but I sure learned a lot about communication, confidence, and really long bus rides.



Life is complicated. Design shouldn't be. Good design makes things simpler, more helpful, and more beautiful.

In this time of bountiful (aka: endless) information, successful design is all about finding information easily and connecting to a story. The best way to build a delightful, compelling experience is through collaboration, iteration, and transparency in all steps of the process. Design decisions should be based on data, research, ethics, and a certain amount of intuition. It's also important to balance big-picture thinking with quick prototyping and an acute attention to detail.

If you'd like to know more about my visual design process, check out this case study.

Focus Areas

I take a comprehensive approach to all projects, working with you to nail down the best medium to communicate your message to a specific audience. Sometimes that's a print piece—ads, brochures, posters, packaging, or signage—and often times it's a website refresh with an updated brand, an engaging visual language, and an intuitive user experience. Those are my favorite types of projects, so I concentrate my work on digital experiences, including:

Brand Identity
Brand Strategy
Logo Design
Art Direction

Information Architecture
UI/UX Design
Web Design
App Design


I've had the chance to work with many wonderful organizations, including the folks at:

Get in Touch

Let's chat about your upcoming project! I'm also always excited to connect with other creative folks, discuss process, geek out about sustainability, and swap treasure hunting stories. 

Drop me a line at ​

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Odds and Ends

Thanks for sticking around! Since you've made it this far down the page, I'll share a few of my Instagram faves. Hang around long enough and I might just bring out the vintage photo slides!